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The Parenting bible Vote_lcap118%The Parenting bible Vote_rcap1 18% [ 2 ]
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The Parenting bible

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The Parenting bible Empty The Parenting bible

How many times as a parent have you used the line, “if only they came with a handbook!” ? We all wish that this mythical Parental handbook existed, a precious parenting bible that gave us all the answers and tricks to turn your family into the Brady Bunch but sadly there is no such book and there is one main reason for this, Every child is different.

There are thousands of help books on the market to help parents through the battle field of parenthood not to mention the well meaning friends and family itching to impart their pearls of wisdom, it can become almost over whelming. Each piece of advice followed that doesn’t end in success can so easily feel like a failure making the journey through parenthood frustrating and stressful.

The first thing to remember is that there are no perfect parents and anyone who will try and convince you that they are 100% on top of it all the time is either a) the exception to the rule, or b) lying!.We’d all like to believe we are the worlds best parent but I’m sure if we are truthful we’d all admit that we haven’t always got it right first time but that’s ok because we are only human.The trick isn’t to have all the answers (although it would be amazing if we did), but to approach it with the right attitude. Children are very intuitive to adults feeling, if they are stresses and frustrated then the child will also feel emotionally stressed making it unlikely for even the best idea’s to work. By just relaxing with it your child will be more open to new ideas and routines, making things as fun and laid back as possible so they actually like to whole idea and process, even if it is to do with bedtime or eating sprouts and broccoli.

Parenthood isn’t a competition, it isn’t something you can win at but something to be enjoyed and cherished especially as our biggest part in shaping their lives lasts for such a short time. If something doesn’t work then don’t take it as a failure, just try something different and enjoy that fact that your child isn’t a carbon copy of everyone else and embrace the adventure of learning how they work and their uniqueness. As long as you know that you have done your best for you child and love them no matter what then you actually found the real secret of parenting.

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Post on Mon Sep 20, 2010 4:12 pm  pingucb

Lovely and very true I love you

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